To be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say
To understand and appreciate how other people feel and think
To do what is right in all situations, even when it is difficult to do
To be cheerful, optimistic and work hard in all that you do
Treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care
TES News

Great concentration is clearly required in the workshop.

on Feb 24

Art & DT Camp: Prep children busy working on their coaster designs in the DT studio.

on Feb 24

Day 2: Art & DT Camp: bright camel mixed media paintings produced by Reception to Year 3 children in DT.

on Feb 24

Day 2 Art workshop. Stencil making/spray painting with children in Years 4-6

on Feb 24

Abstract paintings produced by children from reception-year 3 at the holiday art and DT camp.

on Feb 23

Wave those flags! 🎵 K..U..W..A..I..T 🎵

on Feb 19

A fabulous assembly today - a celebration of Kuwait's National and Liberation Days.

on Feb 19

Orchestra prepare to play the National Anthem in today's National Day assembly.

on Feb 19

2R are very excited about the Kuwait National Day celebrations!

on Feb 19

Year 8 bake sale in full flow. Lots of yummy treats on offer, all baked by the children.

on Feb 19

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