To be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say
To understand and appreciate how other people feel and think
To do what is right in all situations, even when it is difficult to do
To be cheerful, optimistic and work hard in all that you do
Treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care
TES News

KG had a great day out - despite the weather!

on Jan 19

Year 5 Physics

on Jan 19

Pre-KG attempting to catch some raindrops!

on Jan 19

Day 1: our athletes are ready! Lets go TES!

on Jan 19

Thank you to our wonderful year 1 mums for helping us create the costumes for our show next week; you are amazing!

on Jan 19

Three days of recycling and class 4.2 have already got 42kg of recyclables collected! Keep it coming in!

on Jan 18

And the kids are ready! Abu Dhabi here we come - good luck TES U13's!

on Jan 18

Good luck to our Under 13 boys and girls travelling to the #bsme Games this weekend. Safe travels, play well and enjoy!

on Jan 18

26-12 win for TES vs TEA

on Jan 17

Another fantastic win for our girls 3-0 in the volleyball match vs TEA. Well done ladies...semifinals here we come!

on Jan 17

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