To be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say
To understand and appreciate how other people feel and think
To do what is right in all situations, even when it is difficult to do
To be cheerful, optimistic and work hard in all that you do
Treat yourself, all people and all things in a way that shows you care
TES News

Year 3 replicating the human digestive system.

about 7 hours ago

Jazz trio performs in assembly today to promote music. We have 60 new pupils this term learning to play an instrument

on Oct 19

Head Girl and Head Boy meet with the Headmaster to discuss their roles and the term so far.

on Oct 19

Victory for the 4th year in a row. A perfect record today! Brilliant games from our table tennis girls!

on Oct 16

The first ever TES House Lunch was held today. Sandringham students all had a fabulous time.

on Oct 16

Year 7 reading to class partner 1J

on Oct 16

The Dragons: Singing like angels, dancing like superstars. 'Move it' Wed Nov19th at 6pm. Save the date! Stage Crew

on Oct 16

Mrs S putting the Year 1 and 2 children through their paces in the Gaelic football ECA.

on Oct 15

Year 5 are learning about the importance of flowers in reproduction of plants in their science lesson.

on Oct 15

Year 6 are enjoying 'stick painting' with paint and glue to outline their townscape compositions.

on Oct 15

Sports Report Week Beginning: Sunday 12th October 2014

October 19th 2014

Award winning author spends the day at TES

October 13th 2014

Art & DT Camp

October 10th 2014

Sports Report Week Beginning: Sunday 29th September 2014

October 2nd 2014

Around the world in sixty minutes!

September 29th 2014

Squash ECA

September 25th 2014

Sports Report: Week Beginning: Sunday 21st September 2014

September 25th 2014

Curriculum Meetings

September 17th 2014

Desert Survival Skills in Year 7

September 10th 2014

Enrichment Week CSI day

June 10th 2014