Below are some of the questions frequently asked by parents considering enrolling their children at The English School.

What type of school is TES?

T.E.S. is a not for profit co-educational prep school catering for pupils from the ages of 3 to 13.

T.E.S. is a member of / accredited by the following organisations:

IAPS - Independent Association of Prep Schools - 630 schools in the UK, 50 others around the world, 18 in the Middle East. The IAPS kitemark  is a kitemark of excellence and is not easy to achieve, so we are very proud to be an IAPS school.

BSME - British Schools in the Middle East over 130 member schools educating 70,000 in 13 countries

COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and BSO (British Schools Overseas), inspected every 3 years by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) who inspect the vast majority of UK independent schools and many of the very best international British curriculum schools globally - in January 2019 we were received the highest accolade and we were ranked as excellent in learning and achievement and personal development.

What curriculum do you follow?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (3 years to 5 years of age) and the National Curriculum for England (5+ years to 13 years of age) plus any additional features required for specific entry to future schools.

What exams do you do?

All the age relevant exams which are done in school in England. Key Stage 1 SATs at 7, in Year 2, Key stage 2 SATs at 11, in Year 6 plus Common Entrance and specialist exams for future schools. Foundation stage children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals. We also assess annually using NFER tests, assess reading age, test with the British QCA additional tests the years when there are no SATs and do internal assessments of our own in all other subjects. Finally, we use specialist tests to help us diagnose children with learning difficulties.

What age children do you take?

3 to 13 years.

Does the school have entry requirements?

Yes, children must speak English, at a peer equivalent level. We also, regretfully, must reserve the right not to take children whom we feel we cannot educate because of profound behavioural, learning or physical disabilities.

Do you take children with Special Education Needs (SEN)?

Yes – if we are sure we understand their needs and can educate them effectively without detracting from the education of their peers.

How do I visit the school?

Submit an online application form and the Registrar will contact you to advise whether places are available and to schedule a convenient time for a tour of the school if appropriate.

How do pupils fit in when they leave and go to other schools?

Relative to their ability they are almost always ahead of peers with equal ability and are socially confident and integrate well.

Do you teach foreign languages?

Yes, Arabic and French. Arabic for Arabs and Islamic Studies for Arabs is mandatory from Year 1 upwards and Arabic for non-Arabs from Year 3. Kuwait Social Studies is also taught from Year 5, as is French to all pupils.

Does the school liaise with public (private) schools in Britain and elsewhere?

Yes, and any other schools the children may be going to. We offer detailed reports to assist in transition and invigilate entrance and scholarship exams if asked to do so.

What do you believe are your main strengths?

  • caring, strong pastoral and academic systems 
  • excellent results 
  • spacious accommodation 
  • all fees spent on the school (not-for-profit) 
  • rounded curriculum 
  • good specialist facilities 
  • belief in the individual 
  • aspiration to excellence relative to ability 
  • educating the whole child 
  • approachable, open door policy 
  • working in partnership, understand that parents are the prime educators and know their child best 
  • one large family 
  • traditional values, teach the difference between right and wrong 
  • developing independent learners 
  • challenging the less able, ‘average’ and able (and very able) at the leading edge of their ability

What are your core values?

Our 5 core values of Integrity, Confidence, Positivity, Empathy and Respect are at the heart of all that we do. We also work hard to promote those all important soft skills, that cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, and good manners etc that are becoming increasingly important in the world today.

What are the school fees?

Please email the registrar at [email protected] for further information.

Are books included in the fees?


Do we have to pay the school fees in one lump sum?

No. School fees can be settled in three instalments.

Are there school buses?

Yes, depending on the area you live in Kuwait. The School provides transportation through a sub contractor. All buses have central air conditioning, a driver and a chaperone, seat belts and heavy curtains. All drivers carry a mobile phone so that they can be reached by the school administration if necessary, and at least one if not both of the adults on the bus speaks English.

How much does transport cost?

This depends on the area you live and if you require one or two ways. Please contact the Transport office for further information.

What time is your last bus?

The last bus leaves school at 2:30pm.

What are your average class sizes?

Our average class size is 23.

What Extra-Curricular Activities do you offer?

The school offers a selection of ECA’s on a termly basis. These generally cover, sports, swimming, arts and crafts and music.

Does The English School have a swimming pool?

Yes, we have a 25 metre 6 lane pool with double deep-ends and adjoining beginners pool.

Do you have after school care?

Yes we offer a Late Club.

How well are your teaching staff qualified?

Our teaching staff, with the exception of the Arabic department, are British trained with British qualifications. We keep up to speed with the changes in curriculum and adapt our academic direction accordingly.

How often do you report academic progress to parents?

The English School reports formally to parents twice a year, at the end of term 1 and the end of the academic year via written academic reports. In addition, parent consultations are conducted twice a year.

How are the children assessed?

Continual teacher assessment takes place at regular intervals throughout the school year. Specific assessments in reading, maths, cognitive thinking and phonics (pre-prep) are timetabled throughout the year to track progress. Progress tests take place at the end of each school year in maths and English (Years 1-8) and Science (Years 3-8), which are compared on a global scale and reported to parents at the end of the year.

What is the language of the playground?

With approximately 30% of the pupils on roll being British (higher than any other school in Kuwait), and in excess of 60% of pupils from native English speaking countries, the language of the playground is English.

Who runs the school?

The school is legally owned by Mr Emad Mohamed Abudulrahman Al-Bahar. However uniquely for a private school in Kuwait, the owner does not run it as a business for profit. Instead, responsibility for the administration of the school is vested in the Governing Committee whose members serve in a voluntary capacity.

Should I enrol my Year 7 or 8 child at TES?

Yes!  Our KS3 academic results are impressive and sit at the top end of global comparative data.  Additionally, the academic resilience that your child will build thanks to the personalised learning and stretch challenges our small class sizes afford, will better prepare them for the challenges of formal exams further down the road.  In terms of their personal and social development, your child’s unique strengths will be recognised and they will have the opportunity to lead by example in a field that they are passionate about.  Our various leadership initiatives will see your child develop and practice their leadership in numerous ways: on the sports field, as an Eco warrior, as a play or learning mentor for younger pupils, as a school prefect, Head librarian or House captain to name but a few examples.  Rest assured your child will be seen, valued, challenged and rewarded here at TES.

Do you accept children mid year?

Yes, however this is dependent on whether you are applying from overseas or in Kuwait where your child is already attending school. Please contact the registrar at [email protected] for further information.

Does T.E.S. have any sister schools?

No. T.E.S. is an independent not for profit school.

Why have I not heard from the school since sending the application form?

If you use a free web based mail system such as Hotmail or SPAM filtering software on your own PC, please ensure that you add the domain “@tes.edu.kw” to your safe list to ensure you receive our mailings. Once the application form has been received an automated response will be sent followed by an email from the Registrar within approximately one week.

Which is the correct year group for my child/children?

Please see the Year Group Ages page.

When do I get a school tour?

A tour will be arranged once the application form has been received subject to places being available in the year group/s applied for.

Do you have a school nurse?

Yes we have a school nurse on-site.