Parents Association
The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent
ISI 2019
Parents Association

As a school that was originally founded by a group of enthusiastic expatriate parents back in 1953, it should be of no surprise that we value enormously the importance of the school’s relationship with the parents of our pupils.

Education is very much a three-way interdependent partnership with parents, pupils and the school all inextricably linked in trying to find the best way forwards to ‘unwrap’ each child’s potential.

Parents are very much a component part of The English School and every morning and afternoon many drop-off and pick-up children, staying for a while in the playground to catch up with fellow parents and friends, and taking the opportunity on occasion to touch base with teachers. We are very proud of our strong relationship with parents and there is no doubt that this helps add to the family feel and sense of community that makes the school stand out from so many of the other academic institutions in Kuwait. For some, school is the most important place for daily social interaction, especially for parents new to the country, and is a source of huge measures of support as well as both formal and informal information for parents. Feedback in our annual parental questionnaire is always incredibly positive. Indeed, at TES we are very proud of our close connection with parents and regularly receive correspondence from former parents saying how much they miss the warmth of relationship they had with the school during the time that their children were with us.

Your PA Committee Members

Emily Cunha - Chairperson

Amal Abal Khater - Vice Chair

Tamaryn Croft - Treasurer

Isabelle Lecat - Secretary

Adeline Safi - Class Rep Coordinator

Class Representatives

The list of Class Representatives for the 2017-2018 academic year have yet to be confirmed.

Ms Kirsten Heatly Pre-KG  Madalena Bleck
Mrs Ilse Meyer KG.1 Sara El-Khatib
Mrs  Christina Gee KG.2 Capucine Hinshaw
Miss Amy Meredith KG.3 Joseph Ziade
Ms Hailey Chicot REC.1  Rachael Hurley
Mr James Gillard REC.2 Ebony Cleveland
Mrs Susan Davies REC.3 Kate Azzouz
Mr  Andrew Davies 1.1 Karen McConnachie
Miss Stacia Small 1.2 Tammy Croft
Miss Irqa Shah 1.3 Najat Hussain
Mrs Suzanne Davey 2.1 Leonie Wagenaar
Ms Sara Soliman 2.2 Shamama Zaidi
Mrs Fiona MacLaren 2.3 Krishna Saraogi
Mr Paul Goggin 3.1 Kiran Sharda
Ms Kimberley Mclennan 3.2 Emily Cunha + Ola Barslane Ghader
Mrs Naomi Byng 3.3 Lynsey Melia
Mrs Emma Kennedy 4.1 Duna Alkhudhair
Mrs Claire Bennett 4.2 Leigh Faust
Ms Victoria Williams 4.3 Emma Al Sabah
Mr Matthew Watts 5.1 Marie Ann Khalil
Mr Craig Watson 5.2 Nina Travinsky + Chimone Ballie
Miss Elizabeth Morgan 5.3 Michelle Hibbered
Mrs Melanie Heskett 6.1 Leanne Male
Mr Timothy Cole 6.2 Dina Besiso
Mrs Emma Hodgkiss 6.3 Aneesa Price
Ms Alex Costello 7.1 Nathalie Schmid
Mrs Naomi Stocks 7.2 Raffiah Mohammed
Ms Rea Kabir 8.1 Tish Bass
Miss Roxanne Simon 8.2 Katy Gardiner
The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent
ISI 2019