Parent Technical FAQ
Parent Technical FAQ

Our onsite e-learning journey started in 2014 and it has developed significantly over the years. Below are some of the questions frequently asked by parents relating to this initiative and the use of iPads in school.

Below are some of the questions frequently asked by parents related to The English School's iPad and initiative.

Documents and guides referenced within the FAQ have also been listed below for your convenience.

How To Guides


Applicable Policies and Agreements

The English School's Anti-Bullying Policy
BYOD - Pupil and Parent Agreement
The English School's Internet Acceptable Usage Policy


E-Safety at Home
ChildNet International
Jigsaw by CEOP
Lee and Kim by CEOP

Social Network Privacy and Security


Why introduce on-site e-learning?

  • Many studies have shown e-learning has a positive impact on the learning process.
  • The introduction of handheld devices is becoming the norm in good schools around the world.
  • As we are committed to providing the best possible education in order to prepare our pupils for future schools/life in general, it is essential that we utilise all of the tools available.

What is our on-site e-learning strategy?

  • Using technology to enhance the learning experience and improve achievement for all pupils.
  • Allowing pupils greater access to resources and curriculum content beyond that of the traditional classroom.
  • Allowing greater communication, cooperation and support between pupil, parent and teacher.

These will be achieved by using a combination of integrated software solutions and cloud based services such as our Management Information System (MIS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Parent Portal, School Website, Google Apps, iOS Apps and hardware such as PCs, Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) and tablets all connected via the Internet.

What is a VLE?

A VLE is commonly defined as a system for delivering learning materials to students via the web so that they can access the school’s curriculum both inside and outside of school.

Why use a VLE?

Increase student, staff and parent engagement by improving communication and collaboration. A good VLE, or learning platform, makes it easier for teachers to share content with their students, stay in touch and set and collect homework and other assessments. It should provide access to school material from anywhere, on any device, helping to support independent learning and continuity in case of school closure. (

Why has TES decided on a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program rather than issuing each pupils with a school provided device?

  • As a not-for-profit school, our aim is to utilise the fees that you pay in the most effective manner.  As the majority of our pupils already own tablets it would not make financial sense for us to use our financial resources to provide each pupil with what would most likely be a second device.
  • As BYOD is a more cost effective means of introducing e-learning, it allows the school to focus the use of our resources to improve our wireless network infrastructure and increase our internet bandwidth.
  • Studies have shown that in programs where pupils use their own devices they take better care of them and there are fewer losses and damages, and the students are more likely to use the device outside of school for continued learning.  
  • As the Apple Volume Purchase Program or VPP is not available in Kuwait, the purchase and distribution of paid apps en masse is not a practical option.

Which year groups will this apply to?

  • Our BYOD program will, in time, cover the whole of the Prep school.
  • In the Pre-Prep children will not be required to bring their own device. Shared class sets of school purchased iPads will be provided to support the BYOD program in Prep.

Why iPad?

To ensure consistency of the learning experience for all pupils it is essential that they have access to the same resources and applications.  Therefore, it makes sense to standardise on a single device/platform.  As the majority of our pupils own iPads over any other type of tablet, it was the obvious choice. In addition, Apple is currently the leader in educational apps and in supporting education in general.

What version of iPad is required?

See the iPad Specification and Model Requirements document linked below.

iPad Specification and Model Requirements

What will happen if my child’s iPad is lost?

It is each child’s responsibility to take proper care of their property whilst at school.  When not in use their iPad should be stored in the lock box in their own form room (Year 3 – Year 5). Pupils in Years 6-8 are responsible for securing their iPads in their allocated iPad locker during breaks.

However, in the event that your child’s iPad goes missing they should;

  • Report the device as missing to their form teacher or school admin office ASAP
  • The school’s IT Administrator will then be notified and will check if the device is still logged into the school’s network.
  • The IT department will log on to to locate the device using the Find my iPhone app.

What if my child’s iPad gets damaged/stolen whilst at school?

We strongly recommend that you take out suitable insurance against accidental damage and theft.

Who will pay for the apps?

  • As Apple do not offer a VPP ( in Kuwait, we are therefore unable to mass purchase and distribute apps.

  • Also, as the iPad is owned by you, it is appropriate that it be linked to a UK iTunes account also under your control (see next main point below).

  • It is our intention to use free apps wherever possible.  In the event that we identify a superior app that incurs a cost we will ensure that that the total cost of all purchased apps does not exceed KD20 per academic year for pupils in Years 3 - 5 and KD25 for pupils in Years 6 - 8.

  • All free apps will be automatically ‘pushed’ to your child’s device upon registering  it on our Mobile Device Management system (MDM). Please note that this registration will take place in school by our IT team. The only apps you will need to install at home, will be the three paid apps: Book Creator, Explain Everything and Notability.

I don’t want to link a credit card to my childs iTunes account for app purchasing

It is not necessary to link a credit card to an account in order to make purchases from the itunes store. Instructions on how to open an account without a credit card can be found as part of Step 3 in our Master Setup Guide linked below

Please note we will be requiring a UK region iTunes accounts in order to ensure that all apps are consistent with the British curriculum. If you are unable to provide a UK address in order to open an account, a UK based postal address can be obtained by opening a free postal forwarding account with Borderlinx. This is covered in Step 1 of our Master Setup Guide linked below.

Master Setup Guide

Can my son/daughter opt out of having to have an iPad?

No. We want all pupils to be on equal footing in each class as they learn to use new technology.

What are my child’s responsibilities?

Students and parents will be asked to sign a BYoD - Pupil and Parent Agreement that details the responsibilities.

Will the school set rules for the use of the iPad at home?

We expect that families will observe the school’s rules about acceptable use of devices and the use of social media. For example, students may not use their iPads to demean others online, and we expect that families will not allow children to install inappropriate content on their iPads.  We have recently revised the school’s Acceptable Use Policy for computers and the Internet and have drafted a set of iPad specific guidelines. The topic of eSafety has been embedded across our ICT curriculum and pupils are made aware of how to be safe online.  While we expect all families to observe general guidelines, the school’s authority and interest in regulating each family’s practice is limited, and we are confident our pupils understand that different families do things different ways.

Will pupils still need to have a laptop or desktop computer once they have an iPad?

While the iPad should be able to handle a lot of a pupil’s computing needs, it will be a tool to be used as needed.  It is not intended to replace a laptop or desktop computer.

Will they need a keyboard or stylus?

Providing your child with any additional method of input such as a keyboard or stylus is entirely optional and will not be required by the school. In the event you wish to do so, we highly recommend that they integrate with the protective case to avoid loss and clutter.

Any other peripherals?

  • Earbud headphones will be required so as to hear online instructions, play videos and for use in language lessons.
  • An in line microphone (optional) for use in ICT lessons to record podcasts and work with multimedia projects.

Do I need to create any other accounts for my child to be able to use their iPad?

No. A Google account will be created automatically by the school in facilitate access to your child’s cloud storage and Google App suite.

Will all my child’s textbooks be available electronically?

Not yet, although there are great moves being made to make all textbooks available in digital format.  Our best guess is that we are still a few years away from that. We are evaluating our current textbooks and will make transitions to electronic versions as they become available and meet our pupils’ and their curriculum needs.

Does my child need their own personal iTunes account?

  • All devices will need to be connected to an Apple ID in order to install Apps and access iCloud services.  
  • However, it is entirely at your discretion whether to provide your child with their own or to use one you may already have.
  • Please note that if you link the device to your own Apple ID which is connected to a credit card, it will allow the device to be used to purchase apps, music and books up to your credit limit.
  • An alternative method and our recommendation would be to create a new Apple ID without an attached credit card, applying gift certificates when applicable to ensure a spending cap is always in place. iTunes UK gift cards can be purchased online with digital delivery via Blink as well as being locally available at many electronic retailers.

How to open an iTunes account without using a credit card is covered in Step 2 of our Master Setup Guide.

Does my child require an email address?

  • Each pupil in Prep will be provided with their own email address.

  • Their address will be based on their initials and date of birth.  Sam Jones who was born on 20 August 2004 will have an email address of  [email protected]

  • These email addresses have been configured so that they are only able to send and receive emails from school email addresses.
  • Pupil email addresses will be available alongside the introduction of iPads in their year group.

Please note that due to the high level of security that TES places on student email accounts it will not be possible to open an iTunes account using these addresses.

Is there anything I need to do before my child brings in their iPad?

  • Set the lock screen wallpaper to a photograph of your child for ease of identification of the device. Setting the lock screen wallpaper is covered in Step 4 of our Master Setup Guide.

  • Purchase a case for the iPad.  See our Recommended Case Criteria document.

What does my child have to do to sync their iPad?

With the newest version of the operating system, iOS 11, syncing the iPad is accomplished automatically through Apple’s iCloud service. However, it is still possible to sync the iPad simply by connecting it to a laptop or desktop computer, a process that backs up the contents of the iPad and usually takes just a few minutes (after the first sync). Syncing does not affect how the iPad is used; it merely provides a backup for the iPad in the event that something should happen to it.

Restrictions in place while at school

  • Whilst connected to the school's network your child's device will have a restricted profile in place which will limit the following:
    • Music, Podcasts & iTunes U – disable Explicit content
    • Apps – above 12+ disallowed
    • Websites – filter adult content
  • In addition to the device restrictions, internet connectivity will be via our our school firewall which provides real-time content analysis, filtering and BYOD support.
  • iOS built in restriction options: TES goes to great lengths to ensure a safe yet productive online environment for pupils in school. Giving parents and teachers peice of mind that the students are kept on task and not inadvertently exposed to inappropriate material. Certain built in iOS restriction options interfere with the systems that have been implemented to provide this environment. Therefore these device level restrictions are unnecessary and should be left off.

If my child’s iPad has to be sent off for repair, will s/he be at a disadvantage in class?

In many lesson, iPads will be used for group work, so your child will simply be able to work with their peers. If your child needs to access a textbooks or to do research online, they will be able to share with another child. However, should individual work need to be completed on the iPad during lessons, and an iPad is not available, the teacher will either request for it to be done on paper, or in a book, or give an extended date for the work to be completed once the iPad has been repaired.

What training will there be for pupils (and parents!) to help get started?

We will have training sessions for staff ahead of the phased rollouts to pupils.  Then, pupils will receive training right at the start of their BYOD phase.  We will also have weekly dedicated drop in sessions for pupils throughout the year, and these will be hosted by our new IT Crew, so they can just drop by with any questions or problems they might have.   The IT Crew have also developed an area of our VLE with a Tips and Tricks section to address common queries.

We will also be hosting parent education events throughout the year. The next information evening for parents will be held on the 29th of November 2015 at 5pm in the PAC and 4th January 2016 also at 5pm in the PAC for parents of  years 1, 4 and 6 children, and thereafter for other parents, as each phase is launched.


When will my child need his/her own iPad

Your child will need their own iPad from Year 3 through Year 8.

Are our children already overexposed to technology?

One of the goals of education today is to prepare pupils for the world of work tomorrow.  Technology is already embedded into our lives and we need to make sure that our pupils are not disadvantaged by not learning how to integrate devices and systems into their workflow.

What are the advantages of an iPad in my child’s learning?

There are many advantages including individual learning activities, e-book interactive materials, connectivity with peers and teachers, Internet access to unlimited educational resources, applications to specific learning activities, creative opportunities in every curricular areas, innovative ways to learn a language, music, art, and much more. The possibilities of communication and accessing information are limitless.  Also, the paperless future is upon us, and an iPad is a very green application of technology to preserve our natural resources, eventually lift the burden of heavy textbooks off the backs of students, and prepare our pupils by learning skills that are transferable to college and technology in the workplace.

Will pupils use other devices in class?

The school will continue to provide student access to computer labs in the library, media center, and technology lab.

Will my child still need a computer at home?

It is important to note that the iPad is not a replacement for a computer, but rather its touchscreen, unique apps, and interactive textbooks offer students a completely new learning experience. Pupils may feel more comfortable completing some assignments, particularly those involving extensive use of a keyboard, on a computer.

Do I need to have wireless Internet service at home for this device to work?

The pupil planner can be used offline to view downloaded notes and tasks.  However, in order to access resources on the VLE, these would need to have been already downloaded to the device before leaving the school’s wireless network.

Can I insure the iPad against accidental damage?

Yes. Xcite stores located throughout Kuwait offer an optional 2 year warranty program for an additional fee, the cost of which is dependant on the model of iPad. This includes coverage for accidental damage alongside general hardware and software faults for the first year of ownership with only general hardware and software faults being covered in the second year of ownership.

Can my child change his/her iPad with a new one?

Yes. Your child can move to a new iPad, whether it be brand new or inherited from a sibling. If you wish to move to a different iPad please notify us by sending an email to [email protected]. We can then ensure that the new device has all the correct settings.

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Please ask!  We expect that people view new technology in many different ways: some will be rushing to adopt the iPad, whilst others may be concerned about its effects.  We welcome input from parents, pupils, and staff.  We can’t think of everything and we’re truly open to and grateful for constructive criticism.  Please send email to [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.